A Better Doghouse with Books

A Better Doghouse with Books

Dogs know when a doghouse is theirs, especially if it has all the right things inside. A bed (a soft one), a chew toy (rubber is okay), and something used, like an old slipper or sock.

But some doghouses are just average and some dogs get bored. You go in, you go out. A doghouse can be better than that. What they need is some books.

What can dogs do with books?

Besides trying to read them, dogs can do a lot of things with books. Here are some:

Pretend to read. Look smarter than you are.

Chew the book cover and some of the pages. They’re your books, after all.

Push the books in front of the doghouse door. This can be helpful for extra privacy.

Stand on the books. Especially useful for little dogs who want to be taller.

Hide biscuits between the pages. Important for emergency snacking.

Get more books

Get as many books as you can. Beg for more. Try tearing out a page and let it hang from your mouth. They’ll get the idea.

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