New dog

A New Dog in the Dog Library

One day, a black and white dog trotted into the Dog Library. He looked happy to be inside. Margaret the librarian had never seen him before, so she showed him around.

His name was Auto. Probably because he loved car rides.

Just for dogs

Margaret explained that the library was just for dogs. It wasn’t like a people library. Dogs could just be dogs. They didn’t have to be on good behavior all the time. They could chew the books into pieces, bring muddy bones in from the yard, and turn the water bowls upside down, all without getting in trouble.

And it was never quiet inside. There was always a lot of barking and whining. Sometimes growling. But that was okay, that’s what dogs did.

People weren’t allowed inside the library unless they brought something the dogs really wanted, like comic books. The library didn’t have any of those. Or a bag of stuffed toys. There were never enough.

A look around the library

Margaret first took Auto to the library kitchen. It was a popular place. Dogs gathered there to get snacks and gossip with other dogs.

Arthur, who delivered books to the library, was in charge of the kitchen. He made sure to put enough water in the water bowls and enough biscuits in the biscuit vending machine. There were other kinds of treats in there too, but biscuits were everybody’s favorite. Another favorite were the dried meatballs. Least favorite were the fish sticks. Margaret didn’t know who put them in there. It was probably Stanley the Mischief Dog. He liked to play tricks.

Next, Margaret showed Auto the library yard. It was another popular place. The dogs buried books there, chewed on little tree branches, and peed wherever they wanted.

Auto dashed toward the mud pit. That’s what Margaret called it. It had a lot of buried bones. Some dog collars too.

After a while Margaret went back inside. Auto was fine on his own. She had tags she wanted to give to any other new dogs, especially if they looked lost. Auto already had his. The tags said, ‘If lost take me back to the Dog Library’. After all, it was a library just for dogs. And new dogs were always welcome.

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