ride to the Dog Library

A Ride to the Dog Library

You might be curious about how dogs get to the Dog Library.

They find a way.

Some dogs beg for a car ride there. It takes an understanding human.

Some dogs escape and run to the library. Most humans know this trick.

And some dogs get a ride with Arthur on the Dog Library Bus. It’s the best way to go. There are always other dogs on the bus and Arthur has plenty of treats.

The bus doesn’t have any seats, seatbelts, or car seats. There are a few old cushions on the floor, along with piles of newspaper, and the windows are always open.

The bus also has a very loud horn. Arthur honks it whenever he stops to pick up a dog, and sometimes to wake them up on the way back .

On the ride there

Arthur always takes the same route on the way there. He knows the neighborhood and where most of the dogs live. Any new dogs at the library have to tell him what landmarks to look for.

For example, one dog lives down a narrow street with a big tree. He says it smells like a party tree – a tree where a lot of dogs stop to pee. Then there are two small trees, some bushes, a cracked sidewalk, and finally, a small yellow house. Arthur made a note of it.

There are three dog pals who always ride the bus together. They’re good friends from way back and had trained their humans to let them out the second Arthur honked the horn. Otherwise, they pawed at the door and whined uncontrollably.

Fortunately, the bus didn’t take them to doggy daycare. They had enough of that place. They were all kicked out for exclusive playing. The Dog Library was a much much better place to be with other dogs.

On the ride back

On the ride back from the library most of the dogs fall asleep. They’re usually tired from sniffing books all day and ready to go home.

But some dogs will be back the next day. After all, the Dog Library is the only place with so many smelly books. And a biscuit vending machine that’s always full.

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