Dog in library

A Trip to the Dog Library

I didn’t know there was a Dog Library near me. I read about it on the Dogs Only website. It said the library had books just for dogs, all written by dogs. So I took a trip over there to see what it was like.

I found some of my own stories inside the library. Dogs must like them because the pages were chewed up.

That gave me an idea. We could share library books that are good enough to chew. And we could also whine about books that are too boring. I can’t think of any right now.

The Dog Librarian thought that was a great idea. She gets so busy helping dogs find books they might like. Now she could spend more time testing book ideas in the Story Kitchen. That’s where the books are baked. But they’re not always baked correctly.

Sometimes the cooks get distracted and bake books for too long so the words get crispy. But they’re not wasted. They get made into dog biscuits and added to the biscuit vending machine. It’s a popular place for dogs to hang out with other dogs.

And sometimes the cooks don’t bake the books long enough so the words slide off the  page. It makes all the cooks nervous because some words end up in the wrong story.

But a feisty puppy who loves to read sneaks into the Story Kitchen almost every day. She knows she’s not supposed to be in there, but the cooks let her stay. She’s good at sniffing out words that don’t belong in a story. Sometimes she even changes words into different words.

A Dog Editor. I never thought of that.

My mother wouldn’t like that idea. Not for my stories anyway. I’m her favorite writer. And I’m pretty feisty myself.

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