Wagon of books

A Wagon of Books for Dogs

Every week Arthur the Delivery Dog uses his wagon to bring a new batch of books to the Dog Library. He’s stinky from all those smelly books, just like his wagon.

Arthur has a pretty good nose. He sniffs each book before he puts it in the wagon. If he can’t understand what the book is about, he gives it back to the Stinky Smells Shop so they can add better smells.

Margaret the Dog Librarian always meets Arthur at the library door when he gets back with his wagon. She sniffs all the books too. That way she knows which aisle to put them in.

Sometimes Arthur and Margaret don’t agree about what a book should smell like. One day Arthur brought a book back about a cat who couldn’t knock a bird’s nest out of a tree. Margaret thought the book should smell like twigs, feathers, and cat pee. But instead it smelled like fish and gasoline.

Arthur and Margaret agreed this time. The smells were wrong. So Arthur put the book back in his wagon to get the correct smells.

Meanwhile, Stanley was up to his usual tricks. He hid in Arthur’s wagon so he could smell the new books first, before the other dogs. But he got so excited that he chewed up some of the pages with his favorite smells.

For example, he loved the smell of sidewalks. But he chewed up the page about roller skates. He also loved the smell of horses but chewed up the page about cowboys.

Stanley was so busy smelling and chewing that he didn’t notice his tail was sticking out of the wagon. Arthur pulled it. So did Margaret.

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