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Another Dog with a Story

This is my best friend. His name is Leo. He tells stories too, and some are pretty sad.

Like when he was at a shelter in Texas. Wherever that is.

The shelter was very crowded and he was scared. He heard dogs got killed if they were there for too long. And no one came to take him home.

Then he got transferred to another shelter. Everyone was nice to him there. But he still waited for a home. He waited a long time.

Finally, he got lucky. Some nice people adopted him. He didn’t have to live in shelters anymore.

That’s when I met Leo. He was at the dog park with his new family. They were throwing tennis balls for him. I caught one and he let me keep it. He was my kind of dog.

Now whenever I see him we share tennis balls. And stories.

I’m even thinking of loaning him my keyboard.

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