Cats telling dog stories

The Crafty Canine Story Group

I heard someone say “I hate dogs” in a movie I saw the other day.

It shocked me. I hid under the bed.

Who doesn’t love dogs? Are cats better? They’re strange creatures. And I think people who like cats are strange too.

But I’ll say this for cats. They started the Crafty Canine Story Group. They like to read my stories out loud in their squeaky little cat voices.

I tried to visit the story group once. But guess where the cats meet? At the top of a big tree. Obviously, they don’t want dogs up there. So I stayed behind and did what dogs do. I barked.

Is that why some people hate dogs? Because we bark?

Dogs are heroes. They save lives. Can you imagine a cat leading a blind man across the street?

And another thing. Cats never write stories.

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