Doggy Dialogue

I speak Dog. It’s not always easy for humans to understand what I mean. But all you have to do is watch me and listen.

If I drop a ball on your foot, it means I want you to throw it. Simple.

It gets harder if I stare out the window and whine. It could mean anything.

  1. I want to go outside.
  2. I want you to go outside with me.
  3. I see another dog outside.
  4. I see a cat.
  5. I wish I had a doggy door.

Good luck.

My mother understands Dog pretty well. At least she understands me.

She knows what I mean when I stare at my food bowl, then stare at her, then back at my bowl again. Easy – it’s time for dinner.

If she says Not Yet or Be Quiet, it means I have to wait. So I might add some barking.

If that still doesn’t work, I’ll add my sad dog eyes and stare right at her. I’m hard to ignore.

Finally, I get dinner.  There’s nothing more to say.

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