Dogs in Dog Library

The Dogs in the Dog Library

The Dog Library is a place that has books just for dogs. The books don’t have words, they have different smells. Dogs love going there because they can sniff so many things in one room.

There are three main dogs in the library. Arthur the Delivery Dog, a Saint Bernard, pulls his wagon into the library every week with a batch of new books.

Margaret the Dog Librarian, a Standard Poodle, puts the books on shelves in the aisle where they belong. Some of the aisles are Treats, Travel, Dinner, Home, and Other Dogs. Most dogs hang out in the Treats aisle. It has books that smell like peanut butter biscuits, chicken sticks, and glazed doughnuts.

Margaret also helps dogs find books they might like. For example, she thought a Dachshund would be interested in a book that smelled like a mouse.

And then there’s Stanley the the Mischief Dog, a mutt who runs around the library knocking books off the shelves and hiding them in the wrong places.

Books for dogs

Here are some of the books dogs can find when they sniff around the library.

Begging for Beginners is on a shelf in the Dinner aisle. It smells like a hamburger bun with ketchup and mashed potatoes with a lot of butter.

Crazy About Car Rides is in the Travel aisle. It smells like a dog leash, the front seat of a car, and wind.

Decorating Your Doghouse is in the Home aisle. It smells like a once-fuzzy blanket, old towels, and different-sized socks.

Games for dogs

Stanley likes to make up games, such as Guess What This Book Smells Like. One time he took a book from the Dinner aisle and put it in the Travel aisle. The book smelled like a mix of mashed potatoes and the inside of a car. None of the dogs got it right.

Another game he made up was Find the Hidden Book. Some dogs loved this game and sniffed eagerly up and down the aisles. But a few of the books were never found.

Margaret really didn’t like his games. She was an orderly dog and they made more work for her. Especially when she thought he was hiding books in a hole he dug outside.

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