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Dogs Like Short Words

Abbreviations are like short words. Sometimes they’re easier for dogs to remember than all the separate words.

For example, isn’t DFE easier to remember than Dog Friendly Establishment?

I found a whole book of abbreviations at the Dog Library. Here are some of my favorites.

AD (American Dog). That’s me. But I didn’t see FD (for French Dog). So that leaves out my friends the French Poodle and French Bulldog. Also my pal Frenchy, he’s a mutt.

DWA (Dogs With Attitude). A lot like me. I don’t always listen to my mother, especially when I’m writing. She says I have strong opinions. Of course I do. I don’t want my stories to be boring.

OC (Obedience Champion). Definitely not like me. I flunked all my obedience classes.

LOP (Leader of the Pack). My mother likes me to call her that. But I never do. I like LMA (that’s Leave Me Alone).

Here are some other short words I like.

TFD (Time for Dinner). That’s an easy one.

MT (More Treats). Important to know.

And my favorite, DWWS (Dog Who Writes Stories).

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  1. I enjoy reading stories from The Crafty Canine. They are always FTR (fun to read) and MMS (make me smile)

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