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Faded Smells in the Dog Library

Most of the books in the Dog Library have strong smells. That’s how dogs read and understand the stories. But after a lot of dogs sniff the same book, it loses most of its smell. For example, hot sauce starts to smell like applesauce.

Margaret the librarian always moves these used books into the Faded Smells Room. She also puts the puppies and senior dogs in there.

The puppies 

Any puppies in the library usually drive the other dogs crazy. They go racing around the room and bark at all the books, especially books with smells they like, such as roast chicken or a rotting banana peel.

But in the Faded Smells Room, where the stories are dull, the puppies are quieter and take frequent naps. They don’t care about sniffing any of the used books, unless there are some good smells left.

For example, one used book smelled like a dirty sock. It used to smell like a whole pile of dirty socks but too many dogs sniffed the book and only the smell of one sock was left.

The senior dogs

The Faded Smells Room was also a good place for senior dogs. They don’t like being startled by strong smells, such as orange soda or hot peppers. The dogs feel much safer with faded smells because they don’t wake them up from long naps.

The seniors also like to sniff the same books over and over again. There are less story surprises that way.

The shy dogs

Sometimes Margaret found dogs whimpering outside the Faded Smells Room. They aren’t young or old dogs, they are shy dogs, afraid of all the strong smells in the library.

Margaret thought the shy dogs would feel more comfortable sniffing the used books rather than the new books with strong scary smells. But there were some new books that didn’t have any strong smells, such as nursery rhymes or bedtime stories.

All the dogs in the Faded Smells Room liked taking naps. One shy dog sleeping on a pillow had a dream about going home. He knew all the smells there would only be his own.

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