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Find the Hidden Book – a Game for Dogs

Normally the Dog Library is very organized. That’s the way Margaret the Dog Librarian likes it. If any books are on the floor or in the wrong aisle she bares her teeth and growls.

One day Stanley the Mischief Dog was playing his favorite book game with some of the dogs in the library. The game was called ‘Find the Hidden Book’.

The book Stanley hid this time was ‘The Jelly in a Jelly Doughnut’. It was a popular book and the dogs were running all over the library trying to find it.

They sniffed all the books on all the shelves in all the aisles. They even sniffed Margaret, but she growled at them.

Suddenly there was a loud bark. A young Beagle found the book. He was prancing around with it in his mouth, drooling and wagging.

Stanley barked back, surprised that the game was over so quickly. He thought he had hidden the book really well this time. It was in the How-To aisle between the book ‘How to Hide Rawhide’ and a blank book with no smell. It should have been in the Treats aisle with the other doughnut books. That’s where Margaret put it.

Even though his games were fun for some dogs, there were other dogs in the library who didn’t like Stanley.

Especially Margaret.

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  1. I like the names you have given to the characters and the story line. I can just picture dogs in the library I used to go to as a kid. Very cute.

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