Happy dog

Happy Stories for Dogs

There are a lot of stories written about dogs. My mother has a whole stack of them.

I told her if she tried writing stories FOR dogs, I would give her some tips. I started with just a few.

First, dogs only like happy stories.

Like this:
We got in the car and went to the dog park. Someone was handing out free biscuits.

Or this:
The new dog food was stinky, meaty, and raw. And there was more of it.

Second, dogs don’t care about punctuation. Especially commas. You never know what to do with them. And periods just get in the way.

Third, dogs like stories with some action. Like chasing tennis balls, running after cars, or pouncing on a mouse. Nothing about insects, shopping, or missing relatives.

Fourth, the ending has to be really happy.

Something like ‘They lived happily ever after’ is too vague for a dog. It would be better to write ‘The lost puppies found homes.’

Finally, never write The End. Dogs will think you’re talking about their tail.

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