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When Fleas Won’t Leave Me Alone

Fleas are like bad germs. You never know where they come from, and it takes them forever to leave – not on their own, anyway.

Once I tried to get rid of my fleas by rolling in the mud. That didn’t make my mother happy, and it didn’t work anyway. The fleas kept doing their thing and I kept scratching.

I also tried jumping up and down to get those fleas to fall off. But they must have liked the ride, because they kept biting.

My mother hates fleas as much as I do. She uses a flea comb and gives me flea baths – she even tries flea spray.  Anything that will work.

Sometimes I see fleas in my water bowl. I don’t know why they jump in there because they usually can’t get out. I guess that makes them failed fleas. Fleas that leave me alone.

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