Dog in the water

I’m a Water Dog

Some dogs who look like me are water dogs. We like to swim in lakes, run through puddles, and bite water from the garden hose. We also turn over water bowls just to get our feet wet.

I like lakes best. There’s a really big one near my house, and I swim in it whenever my mother takes me.

She used to throw tennis balls in the lake, but I never brought them back the way dogs are supposed to. Not water dogs like me.

Now she tosses pebbles in the water instead. I try to catch them before they sink, but she doesn’t seem to mind if I don’t bring them back.

The lake is filled with ducks too. One day I followed one to the other side. My mother wasn’t very happy with me. I guess I wasn’t supposed to swim that far, although I’m a good swimmer.

After that my mother didn’t take me to the lake for a little while. Instead, she sprayed me with the garden hose until I got soaked. It wasn’t as much fun as swimming in the lake, but I liked shaking off the water. I got dry pretty fast. Too bad my mother didn’t.

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