Learning People Songs

Learning People Songs for Better Stories

My mother teaches me people words so I can use them in my stories. Now she’s teaching me some people songs too. She thought they’d make me a more creative writer.

Different types of music

She said there were different types of music and that they would make me feel different ways.

First, she played some opera music. It was scary. It sounded like a pack of wolves and screaming birds. I felt like hiding.

Next, she played some classical music. It made me sleepy. I felt like taking a nap.

Onto rock music. It woke me up. I wanted to chase tennis balls and squirrels.

Then she played some soft rock. It was sort of like rock music but harder to hear.

Finally, she played some musicals. She started with the musical “Cats,” just to tease me. I thought I’d hear some hissing and meowing, but the cats were busy dancing and singing. I liked the song “The Naming of Cats.” One cat was named Asparagus.

Different songs

Then my mother played some songs she thought I’d like.

“Born to Run” – I’m not sure I started to run when I was born, but pretty soon after that.

“I Love My Dog” – This song was written by a guy named Cat. I think he should stick to what he knows.

“Help!” – Yelp is more like it.

“Hound Dog” – I liked the name, but the song made me feel like I had knots in my fur.

“Hey Jude” – One question. Who’s Jude?

“I Will Always Love You” – It’s a good thing because I plan on sticking around for a while.

One children’s song

My mother played one children’s song. It was called “How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?” I think they left a word out. How much what?

My own songs

I made up some of my own songs too.

The Stolen Socks
Let Go of My Leash
Don’t Forget to Scratch My Belly
Old Bones in New Holes

Those were all I could think of. Now it was time to write the stories.

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