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My Five Kinds of Toys

There are five kinds of toys in my toy basket. At least there were the last time I counted. It’s hard to keep track. They jump in and out when I’m not looking. But here’s what’s usually in the basket.

Bones. I like the oldest bones best, the ones with the most teeth marks. When they get too small, my mother tries to throw them out. Sometimes I find them in the garbage and  drop them in the basket again.

Tennis balls. New ones are the best. They’re fuzzier. They also bounce better. Maybe that’s why my mother’s tennis friends let me have them. They say the balls only bounce well for one game. It works for me.

Stuffed toys that squeak. Or used to squeak. They’re my favorite toys. I like ripping them up until all the stuffing is out. Also the little squeaky thing. I rip that up too.

Toys that never squeaked. Like those hard rubber balls. My mother says they keep my teeth clean. I don’t know about that. Sometimes she stuffs peanut butter inside the ones with a hole. It keeps me busy for a little while.

Toys that aren’t really toys. They’re things I find. I drop them in the basket when my mother isn’t looking. Like one of her socks (dirty or clean), a plastic bottle (full or empty), paper (all paper), or anything that’s especially stinky.

Here’s what’s never in my toy basket. Ear cleaner. And of course, iceberg lettuce.

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