The Ghost In My Keyboard

I couldn’t write any stories for months. Here’s what happened, and I’m not kidding.

A ghost was hiding in my keyboard.

The first thing that happened was when I typed an A. It came out as an L. Nothing too unusual, I miss keys all the time. Except these keys aren’t even close on my keyboard.

Then I typed a C. It was upside down, sort of like a frown. I knew my mother wouldn’t play that kind of trick on me. It had to be a ghost in my keyboard.

I tried typing again. I typed a Q and waited. This time nothing happened. Then I looked up. The Q was hanging on the wall in front of me. It was scary. Maybe the ghost was having fun, but I wasn’t.

I didn’t type any stories after that.

My mother said she was going to take out all the keys and put in new ones. She thought that might confuse the ghost and it would leave.

And it did. I tried typing again with the new keys and nothing scary happened. It was a good thing because I’m a busy dog. I have stories to write.

I think my next story will be about how to get rid of a ghost in a keyboard. Turns out it’s not that hard.

Just press Delete.

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