Dogs don’t like to stay inside all day, even at the Dog Library. So there was a big yard for them to play in and different-sized dog doors that let them go outside.

One time a big dog tried to fit through a little dog door. The little dogs growled. So did the big dog who got stuck.

Books that don’t look like books

The yard also had a water fountain for drinking, several fire hydrants that smelled strongly of dog pee, and best of all, books that Margaret the librarian let them bury outside. These were usually the more popular books that had been licked and chewed so often that they didn’t look like books anymore.

All that was left of the books were ripped pages. And some dogs liked to roll them into balls. They didn’t bounce like tennis balls, but they were fun to play with.

Wind chimes and biscuits

The yard also had dog bone wind chimes. They were just high enough so even the tallest dogs couldn’t reach them. But they made enough noise that some dogs were entertained for hours.

And then there was the biscuit vending machine. Margaret called them Library Biscuits because they were shaped like little books. And they were always extra crunchy.

The Director of Outside Books

Margaret didn’t have time to clean up the books outside, or even the leftover book pages, so she gave Stanley his first responsible library job: Director of Outside Books.

But Stanley didn’t make a very good director. He was more of a mischief dog. He liked to drop books into the water fountain and then pull them out again. And sometimes Margaret found him digging up the dogwoods. He thought they were trees meant for dogs.