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Crafty Canine Conversations

I try to use people words in my stories. I learn them from listening to my mother.

At first I didn’t understand what she said. I only knew the words she taught me. You know, words like Come, Sit, Stay, and of course, No.

But then she started talking to me in sentences – during walks, in the car, around the house, and especially when she was dragging me to the vet.

I don’t think she cared if I understood her or that I couldn’t talk back. I listened carefully and tried to learn more words.

Conversations by typing

Soon we started having whole conversations. It was pretty easy. She talked and I typed.

Like this:

My mother (talking): The internet is down.

She sounded pretty mad about it.

Me (typing): What’s an internet?

It seemed like something I should know. It was definitely a people word.

Her (talking): It’s how people explore things, like when you sniff around the yard trying to find something good.

Me (typing): Okay, thanks.

I often hear her say that when she’s finished talking to someone.

Conversations without typing

Here’s a conversation we had in the car without my keyboard.

My mother: We need to go to the pet store, you’re out of canned food.

Me: Standing in the car, my tail wagging, and a little drooling.

Her: Maybe we’ll get you another stuffed toy, but this time you can’t rip it up and get stuffing all over the place.

Me: A little less wagging and some whining.

Her: Or we could get you a rubber ball.

Me: One loud bark plus some panting.

Her: I’m not going to drive any faster. Lie down.

Me: No wagging.

I couldn’t wait to get home and start typing again.

Now I have what my mother calls a large vocabulary. I use a lot more people words in my stories. Usually I get them right.

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