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Show and Tell with Dogs and a Keyboard

All dogs have stories to tell. But as far as I know, I’m the only dog who uses a keyboard. At least in my neighborhood.

So I decided to take it with me to the Dog Library. I thought I’d show the other dogs how my keyboard works.

At first the dogs just sniffed it. Some dogs growled at it. One dog even tried to bite it.

Nope, not with my keyboard.

So I started a game of Show and Tell.

It was really Tell and Show. The dogs would tell me a story, then I showed them how I wrote it on the keyboard.

I needed a couple of stories first.

A small brown dog volunteered. His story went like this:

‘I licked the maple syrup. Then I ate a pancake. Then I got in trouble.’

Another dog raised his paw. This was his story:

‘I chased a cat. The cat chased a mouse. The mouse disappeared.’

Not very creative, but still a solid story.

After that, there was a lot of whining and barking. The dogs were getting impatient. They all wanted a turn to tell their story. They didn’t care so much about the keyboard.

Next round of Show and Tell: the remote control (my favorite toy).

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