stories scribbled by dogs

Stories Scribbled by Dogs

Dogs like stories written by other dogs. But it’s hard for dogs to write. So they scribble stories instead.

One of the best things about scribbling stories is that you don’t have to be good at it. You can use any jumble of lines and loops. And there are no rules for scribbling either, unlike grammar or punctuation.

A day at the beach

Here’s a scribbled story about the beach.

The ocean. A wavy line.

A dog on the way to the ocean. Scribbled loops, a wavy line, and a long straight line.

Trying to surf. Loops on top of loops and a wavy line.

A pile of beach towels. Lines on top of lines.

Sand fleas. Very tiny loops.

A game of Chase the Cat. Twisted lines and big loops. But that’s from another story – cats don’t usually go to the beach.

A blank page. The beginning of a story.

No more scribbles. The end of the story.

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