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Story Ideas from the Crafty Canine

Hello from the Crafty Canine. I hope you know my stories by now.

Recently I’ve been writing about the Dog Library. I visit there sometimes.

But now it’s time to write about something else – I just don’t know what. So I asked my mother for some help with story ideas.

Her first one was about a dog who works at a dog salon. It was pretty good idea. The dog adds color to fur that’s getting gray. Or he adds purple streaks to rebellious dogs. Stay tuned for more…

Another one of her ideas was about a dog who knows what people eat in bed. Not a good story. I’ll pass.

I came up with half a story idea. I knew the beginning but not the end.

It started like this. A dog clown goes to a dog birthday party. The dog makes dog balloons and wears a red wig, dark glasses, and a polka dot vest. Some dogs think he’s scary. They tear off his wig, bite the balloons, and try to chase him away.

Okay, then what happens? Writer’s block sets in – it’s time to think of another idea.

Maybe I could write about a dog who has to wear a mask all the time and stay far away from humans. But that story doesn’t have an end either.

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