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The Association of Words for Dogs

I think dogs should be able to read stories, not just people. So I started a group called the Association of Words for Dogs. It’s popular with a lot of dogs who want to read.

We meet every week in a room at the back of the Dog Library.  And each week a guest speaker teaches the dogs different words so they can read stories. The words also come with pictures.

One week a chef taught the dogs ‘cook, beef, refrigerator, and tablespoon’. It was pretty easy to show pictures for those words.

Another week, a fitness instructor taught them ‘jump, run, spin, and weight control’. That last word had a picture of an overweight basset hound.

A gardener taught them ‘grass, flower, tree, and plant’. No problem showing pictures for those words either.

Then a pet store owner came with treats for the dogs. After they finished crunching, she taught them ‘biscuit, frisbee, stuffed toy, and ear cleaner’. That last word didn’t go over too well. One dog ran out of the room.

Finally, the Margaret the librarian came to our group. She taught the dogs ‘the, with, on, and for’. There weren’t any pictures to go with those words, so she pointed to sentences in a children’s book.

Next time we meet I’ll explain what sentences are.

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  1. Very cute. I can picture a group of dogs, some with glasses all sitting attentively as the pictures are explained.

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