the dog writing basket

The Dog Writing Basket

Margaret the librarian saved one section of the Dog Library for books that were written by dogs. They wrote the books by choosing different smells from a basket in Margaret’s office. She called it the Dog Writing Basket. Or sometimes the Basket of Smells.

When the dogs start writing

The dogs usually needed help to start writing their books, so Margaret gave them some ideas. One idea was to write a book called The Dog Park. The other was The Pet Store. The books had to include just the right smells so other dogs could understand them.

For example, Margaret thought The Dog Park book should at least include the smell of tennis balls, frisbees, dog poop, and a lot of different dogs. But certainly not the smell of grooming supplies or anything from the vet. That would confuse dogs when  they tried to read the book. It wouldn’t smell like a dog park.

The Pet Store book was a little harder to write. There were a lot of good smells the dogs could choose from. Biscuits, yes, new bones, yes, and stuffed toys, absolutely. But definitely not bird seed or that dreaded ear cleaner. It was supposed to be a happy book.

When the dogs finish writing 

When the dogs were finished writing, Margaret gave their books to the book group. They were like the book police. If they thought a book didn’t have the right smells, they gave it back to Margaret. She let the dogs try writing again, but this time with different smells from the Dog Writing Basket.

More of Stanley’s mischief

Stanley didn’t care about writing books. He just liked to play around with the smells in Margaret’s basket. When she wasn’t in her office, he took out some smells like peanut butter, which was his favorite. He also added some of the worst smells, like an empty dog bowl.

Stanley wasn’t sure if Margaret noticed, but of course, she did. Margaret had a much better nose than Stanley.

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