Dog having fun with tail

The End Where My Tail Is

Sometimes you have to know what’s going on at the other end. The end where your tail is. Especially if you’re going out in public. It’s good to smell what other dogs smell.

But first you have to get back there. You have to get in the correct position. Most often this is a donut shape. It’s the easiest nose-to-tail method. But I’ve seen dogs fall over this way. Big dogs and little dogs. They don’t bend hard enough. So they just topple over.

Here’s the best way to make the donut shape. First, pretend you have a bug on your back. You don’t want that bug there, so you reach back to bite him.

Okay, you’re halfway there.

Then pretend you didn’t get the bug. He keeps crawling toward your tail. Try to bite him again. Keep going. Get that bug. Soon you’ll be at the other end. Now you can sniff all you want.

2 Replies to “The End Where My Tail Is

  1. Perfect instructions for us dogs. We’ve always struggled to do this without toppling over, and finally we know how.
    With gratitude, Sammy, Kenny, and Serena.

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