different keyboard

The Magic Keyboard

My mother gave me a different kind of keyboard the other day. She said it was a Magic Keyboard. It wasn’t for writing stories. I told her it looked like a toy.

But she said it was a special kind of toy. It had magic keys. I could use it whenever she wasn’t home. She promised I wouldn’t feel so scared or lonely, no matter how long she was away.

I learned how to use the Magic Keyboard pretty quickly. It has only four keys. Each key does something different. And each key is magic.

The T key is for Treats. When I press it, the key lights up, and then two biscuits jump out of my treat box. Just like that. They don’t break when they fall onto the floor either. But the key only works a few times. After that, it just makes a clicking sound when I press it. I guess my mother did that so I wouldn’t keep eating biscuits all day. At least until she gets home and can give me one herself.

The B key is for Ball. When I press it, the key lights up, and some tennis balls fly out of my toy basket and roll onto the floor. I’m not kidding. No one even has to be there to throw them. But I don’t always bring tennis balls back anyway.

The M key is for my Mother. When I press it, I can hear my mother’s voice from somewhere. It’s a little spooky, because I can’t tell where she is. But I hear her say I’m a Good Dog and that she’ll be home soon. It makes me feel good, even though I can’t see her.

I’m not sure what the Paw key does. It’s bigger than the other keys. I think my mother uses it to turn the Magic Keyboard on and off. And maybe it does some other magic things. But if I try to press it, nothing happens. Not even a clicking sound.

Now when my mother leaves me alone I don’t feel so sorry for myself. I don’t sleep all the time. I’m having too much fun playing with the Magic Keyboard. Sometimes I can’t even wait until she’s out the door.

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