Dogs on television

Watching Dogs in TV Ads

I watch television with my mother sometimes. Actually, she watches it. I keep my eyes closed most of the time. But when the TV gets louder and wakes me up, it’s usually because someone is trying to sell something in an ad. And sometimes cute dogs help.

They help sell dog food. That makes sense. People like to give dogs dog food.

Dogs help sell cars too. I understand that. PeopleĀ  like taking dogs on car rides. I know my mother does.

And beer. People look pretty happy when they’re drinking it. I’m not so sure about the dogs.

I don’t see many little dogs in ads. I’m not sure why. They could probably help sell those bags people like to carry them in. Little dogs are lucky that way. They get to go almost everywhere.

I think I could help sell something. Maybe a new kind of dog toy. I’m good at chewing them. But I’m probably not allowed to drool on television. And I’m pretty bad at following directions. That’s okay. I’m better at just being a dog.

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