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What You Probably Know About Me

If you’ve been reading my stories, you probably know a few things about me.

I’m not interested in insects.

I like words that are smelly.

I think cats are strange.

Cartoons are boring.

My mother gave me this keyboard.

Then there are the stories I haven’t written yet. They might tell you a few more things about me.

For example, I haven’t written the story about my kayaking experience. I didn’t know you had to row those things.

And I haven’t written about the time I got into my mother’s liquor cabinet. Boy was I sick.

Or when I broke into the refrigerator and made my own dinner. Peanut butter, Swiss cheese, a hard boiled egg, lemon yogurt, and of course that Oreo cream pie.

Now I’m writing a story about my trip back to the Dog Library. I’ll keep that one a secret for now.

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