When dogs can't write

Writer’s Block and the Story Button

My keyboard is a good writing partner. We talk about stories as I type them. Usually we get along fine.

But sometimes I can’t think of any stories to write. Or I get stuck trying to finish one. My mother calls this Writer’s Block.

Luckily, my keyboard has a Story button. It gives me story ideas when I press it. But it doesn’t always get them right.

Here’s one:

“Write about your toy basket and how the toys get along.”

“Nice try, but my toys aren’t always in the basket. I drop them all over the house.”

Next idea.

“Write about the time you went skiing with your mother and got lost.”

“That’s no good. I’ve never been skiing. Neither has my mother. Maybe you got me confused with another dog who tells stories. ”

I pressed the Story Button again.

“Okay, one more idea for now. Write about the time you chased a cat up a tree.”

“Wrong again. I’ve never chased a cat up a tree. But that gives me a better idea: cats who love my stories. Some even started a Crafty Canine Story Group. It meets on Wednesdays.”

Sometimes the Story button doesn’t work at all. It just says “Go find your own ideas.”

Great. A snippy keyboard. I could write about that. Even with Writer’s Block.

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