Dog digging words

Digging Up My Words

My stories aren’t really finished after I write them. They sound okay to me, but my mother likes to  read them first. She says sometimes I use the wrong words. But I don’t feel bad about it. She knows my first language is Dog.

Here’s one thing I got wrong. I wrote ‘digging up my words’. My mother said I meant ‘digging up my bones’. A simple mistake. I guess if you dig up words, sentences will have holes in them.

Another time I wrote ‘bury my ears’. Now that’s a funny picture. My mother changed it to ‘clean my ears’. Not a funny picture.

Sometimes I mix up words too. In one of my stories I wrote ‘fill my food with bowls’. My mother laughed. Then she made me change it.

I also like making up words. They’re not wrong – I just like the way they sound.

Like the word ‘cranched’. It’s what happens after you’ve crunched something. Like a carrot. Or a wooden chair. Then it’s been cranched. Makes sense to me.

It’s a good thing my mother helps me with words. If she didn’t, everyone might think my stories are silly. But I think some are better that way. Even with the wrong words.

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