This blog was inspired by my dog Tasha, a feisty golden retriever I rescued when she was very young. She died a few years ago but is very much with me as I write. Most of the photos in these early stories are of her.

The Crafty Canine is Tasha’s alter ego. Her relationship with her mother is similar to Tasha’s and mine. I talked to her all the time and in her own precocious voice, I imagined she talked back to me.

The title ‘A Dog and a Keyboard’ is from a slogan I once used, ‘A dog and a laptop in every room’. It combined my two passions, dogs and technology.

Most of the stories on this blog are about a dog who learns people words from her mother so she can write stories. Then I came up with the concept of a Dog Library, a place with books for dogs, some written by dogs. The Crafty Canine and her mother don’t appear as frequently in these stories because different characters emerge.

One day I hope to turn the blog into a children’s book. But for now I like writing these short posts. After all, dogs don’t have a very long attention span.