Learning People Songs

Learning People Songs for Better Stories

My mother teaches me people words so I can use them in my stories. Now she’s teaching me some people songs too. She thought they’d make me a more creative writer. Different types of music She said there were different types of music and that they would make me feel different ways. First, she played some opera music. It was scary. It sounded like a pack of wolves and screaming … Read More ›

I like to hide things

I Like to Hide Things

I like to hide things. Some things actually belong to me, like my old tennis balls and rawhide bones. But most do not, like my mother’s fuzzy socks and the kitchen towel. So just for fun, I made up a few hiding games. The ‘hide once’ game This is a game I play most often. For example, the other day I was sniffing around my mother’s closet. It always has … Read More ›

ideas for my stories

Story Ideas from the Crafty Canine

Hello from the Crafty Canine. I hope you know my stories by now. Recently I’ve been writing about the Dog Library. I visit there sometimes. But now it’s time to write about something else – I just don’t know what. So I asked my mother for some help with story ideas. Her first one was about a dog who works at a dog salon. It was pretty good idea. The … Read More ›

dogs sniffing books

Faded Smells in the Dog Library

Most of the books in the Dog Library have strong smells. That’s how dogs read and understand the stories. But after a lot of dogs sniff the same book, it loses most of its smell. For example, hot sauce starts to smell like applesauce. Margaret the librarian always moves these used books into the Faded Smells Room. She also puts the puppies and senior dogs in there. The puppies  Any … Read More ›

tour of the dog library

A New Dog in the Dog Library

One day, a black and white dog trotted into the Dog Library. He looked happy to be inside. Margaret the librarian had never seen him before, so she showed him around. His name was Auto. Probably because he loved car rides. Just for dogs Margaret explained that the library was just for dogs. It wasn’t like a people library. Dogs didn’t have to be on good behavior when they were … Read More ›