A Dog and a Keyboard

Stories from a Crafty Canine

The Dogs in the Dog Library

The Dog Library is a place that has books just for dogs. The books don’t have words, they have different smells. Dogs love going there because they can sniff so many things in one room.

Two dogs supervise the library. The Delivery Dog, a Saint Bernard named Arthur, pulls his wagon into the library every week with a batch of new books.

The Dog Librarian, an Afghan Hound named Alice, puts books in the aisles where they belong. There are five aisles – Treats, Travel, Dinner, Home, and Other Dogs.

She also helps dogs find books they might like. For example, she thought a Dachshund would be interested in a book that smelled like a mouse.

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What You Probably Know About Me

If you’ve been reading my stories, you probably know a few things about me.

I’m not interested in insects.

I like words that are smelly.

I think cats are strange.

Cartoons are boring.

My mother gave me this keyboard.

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My Good Days

I found this somewhere. It reminds me of my mother and me.

Dogs Like Short Words

Abbreviations are like short words. Sometimes they’re easier for dogs to remember than all the separate words.

For example, isn’t DFE easier to remember than Dog Friendly Establishment?

I found a whole book of abbreviations at the Dog Library. Here are some of my favorites.

AD (American Dog). That’s me. But I didn’t see FD (for French Dog). So that leaves out my friends the French Poodle and French Bulldog. Also my pal Frenchy, he’s a mutt.

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Happy Stories for Dogs

There are a lot of stories written about dogs. My mother has a whole stack of them.

I told her if she tried writing stories FOR dogs, I would give her some tips. I started with just a few.

First, dogs only like happy stories.

Like this:
We got in the car and went to the dog park. Someone was handing out free biscuits.

Or this:
The new dog food was stinky, meaty, and raw. And there was more of it.

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The Association of Words for Dogs

I think dogs should be able to read stories, not just people. So I started a group called the Association of Words for Dogs. It’s popular with a lot of dogs.

We meet every week in a room at the back of the Dog Library.  And each week a guest speaker teaches the dogs different words. The words also come with pictures.

One week a chef taught the dogs ‘cook, beef, refrigerator, and tablespoon’. It was pretty easy to show pictures for those words.

Another week, a fitness instructor taught them ‘jump, run, spin, and weight control’. That last word had a picture of an overweight basset hound.

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Growling at the News

Watching cartoons can be pretty boring. Most of the words are short and I already know what they mean. So I often watch the news with my mother. But sometimes it makes me growl. I even hide.

I do get to learn new words though. Here are some of my favorites. I think I know what they mean.

Grassroots: The part of the grass that’s closest to the dirt.

For example, you could say, ‘Pull the weeds out at the grassroots.’

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Crafty Canine Conversations

I try to use people words in my stories. I learn them from listening to my mother.

At first I didn’t understand what she said. I only knew the words she taught me. You know, words like Come, Sit, Stay, and of course, No.

But then she started talking to me in whole sentences – during walks, in the car, around the house, and especially when she was dragging me to the vet.

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A Baked Book for Dogs

Let’s face it. Most dogs can’t read books, at least not the dogs I’ve met.

So I decided to write a story just for dogs. I’d use words dogs know and pictures they could sniff. Then I’d try to bake the story in a book. That way it wouldn’t get too wet with drool.

I think baking must be like writing. You put together the right ingredients, mix them up, and soon you get a story – or cookies.

My mother thought a baked book for dogs was a great idea. She said I might become a famous canine author. I wish.

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A Trip to the Dog Library

I didn’t know there was a Dog Library near me. I read about it on the Dogs Only website. It said the library had books just for dogs, all written by dogs. So I took a trip over there to see what it was like.

I found some of my own stories inside. Dogs must like them because the pages were all chewed up.

That gave me an idea. We could share stories that are good enough to chew. And we could also whine about stories that are too boring. I can’t think of any right now.

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