stories scribbled by dogs

Stories Scribbled by Dogs

Dogs like stories written by other dogs. But it’s hard for dogs to write. So they scribble stories instead. One of the best things about scribbling stories is that you don’t have to be good at it. You can use any jumble of lines and loops. And there are no rules for scribbling either, unlike grammar or punctuation. A day at the beach Here’s a scribbled story about the beach. … Read More ›

punctuation for dogs

What Dogs Think About Punctuation

I don’t know about other dogs, but I think all punctuation is optional. If I spend too much time figuring out which type to use and where it should go, it slows down my writing. So I usually skip punctuation altogether. Or I make up my own. Worms and balls To me, punctuation looks like a bunch of worms and balls. There are some fun ones and some boring ones. … Read More ›

A Sentence Game for Dogs

A Sentence Game for Dogs

I’ve heard there are some people who try to teach dogs how to read. I don’t know if it works or not, but that’s what I’m good at – teaching other dogs to read. So I invented a sentence game for the dogs at the Dog Library. I showed them six sentences from some books I brought. Then they were supposed to try and read them. Not by smell, but … Read More ›

From woofs to words

From Woofs to Words

I’m not one of those dogs who only knows the words I’m supposed to know. Like sit, stay, no, and bath. If that was it, my stories might sound like this: Sit, no, stay, no, bath, stay, no, no. Pretty silly. But I know a lot of people words. My mother taught them to me. So, when I’m writing and I do forget a word, I press the Woof key … Read More ›

A Better Doghouse with Books

A Better Doghouse with Books

Dogs know when a doghouse is theirs, especially if it has all the right things inside. A bed (a soft one), a chew toy (rubber is okay), and something used, like an old slipper or sock. But some doghouses are just average and some dogs get bored. You go in, you go out. A doghouse can be better than that. What they need is some books. What can dogs do … Read More ›