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Find the Hidden Book – a Game for Dogs

Stanley the Mischief Dog

Normally the Dog Library is very organized. That’s the way Margaret the Dog Librarian likes it. If any books are on the floor or in the wrong aisle she bares her teeth and growls.

One day Stanley the Mischief Dog was playing his favorite game with some of the dogs in the library. The game was called ‘Find the Hidden Book’.

The book Stanley hid this time was ‘The Jelly in a Jelly Doughnut’. It was a popular book and the dogs were running all over the library trying to find it.

They sniffed all the books on all the shelves in all the aisles. They even sniffed Margaret, but she growled at them.

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The Dogs in the Dog Library

The Dog Library is a place that has books just for dogs. The books don’t have words, they have different smells. Dogs love going there because they can sniff so many things in one room.

There are three main dogs in the library. Arthur the Delivery Dog, a Saint Bernard, pulls his wagon into the library every week with a batch of new books.

Margaret the Dog Librarian, a Standard Poodle, puts the books on shelves in the aisle where they belong. Some of the aisles are Treats, Travel, Dinner, Home, and Other Dogs. Most dogs hang out in the Treats aisle. It has books that smell like peanut butter biscuits, chicken sticks, and glazed doughnuts.

Margaret also helps dogs find books they might like. For example, she thought a Dachshund would be interested in a book that smelled like a mouse.

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What You Probably Know About Me

If you’ve been reading my stories, you probably know a few things about me.

I’m not interested in insects.

I like words that are smelly.

I think cats are strange.

Cartoons are boring.

My mother gave me this keyboard.

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My Good Days

I found this somewhere. It reminds me of my mother and me.

Dogs Like Short Words

Abbreviations are like short words. Sometimes they’re easier for dogs to remember than all the separate words.

For example, isn’t DFE easier to remember than Dog Friendly Establishment?

I found a whole book of abbreviations at the Dog Library. Here are some of my favorites.

AD (American Dog). That’s me. But I didn’t see FD (for French Dog). So that leaves out my friends the French Poodle and French Bulldog. Also my pal Frenchy, he’s a mutt.

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Happy Stories for Dogs

There are a lot of stories written about dogs. My mother has a whole stack of them.

I told her if she tried writing stories FOR dogs, I would give her some tips. I started with just a few.

First, dogs only like happy stories.

Like this:
We got in the car and went to the dog park. Someone was handing out free biscuits.

Or this:
The new dog food was stinky, meaty, and raw. And there was more of it.

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