Outside the Dog Library

Outside the Dog Library

Dogs don’t like to stay inside all day, even at the Dog Library. So there’s a big yard for them to play in and different-sized dog doors that let them go outside. One time a big dog tried to fit through a little dog door. The little dogs growled. So did the big dog who got stuck. Books that don’t look like books The yard also has a water fountain … Read More ›

the dog writing basket

The Dog Writing Basket

Margaret the librarian saved one section of the Dog Library for books that were written by dogs. They wrote the books by choosing different smells from a basket in Margaret’s office. She called it the Dog Writing Basket. Or sometimes the Basket of Smells. When the dogs start writing The dogs usually needed help to start writing their books, so Margaret gave them some ideas. One idea was to write … Read More ›

book party

A Book Group in the Dog Library

Most of the dogs in the Dog Library were serious about studying book smells.  That’s why they were there – to understand the books. So Margaret the Dog Librarian started the Serious About Smells Book Group. The dogs gathered in her office every afternoon and sniffed the books together. One book was called Washing by Splashing. The dogs thought the book was about a dog bath – or maybe a … Read More ›

Wagon of books

A Wagon of Books for Dogs

Every week Arthur the Delivery Dog uses his wagon to bring a new batch of books to the Dog Library. He’s stinky from all those smelly books, just like his wagon. Arthur has a pretty good nose. He sniffs each book before he puts it in the wagon. If he can’t understand what the book is about, he gives it back to the Stinky Smells Shop so they can add … Read More ›

Dogs having a party

A Party at the Dog Library

Arthur, the dog who delivers books to the Dog Library, thought it was time to have a party. Lately some of the dogs were so busy sniffing books that they forgot to take a nap. They needed a distraction. Margaret the Dog Librarian agreed. She needed a break from organizing all the books. Party food and decorations My mother brought food to the party. Cheese puffs with extra cheese, peanut … Read More ›

Dog games

Find the Hidden Book – a Game for Dogs

Normally the Dog Library is very organized. That’s the way Margaret the Dog Librarian likes it. If any books are on the floor or in the wrong aisle she bares her teeth and growls. One day Stanley the Mischief Dog was playing his favorite book game with some of the dogs in the library. The game was called ‘Find the Hidden Book’. The book Stanley hid this time was ‘The … Read More ›