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What Dogs Think About Punctuation

I don’t know about other dogs, but I think all punctuation is optional. If I spend too much time figuring out which type to use and where it should go, it slows down my writing. So I usually skip punctuation altogether. Or I make up my own.

Worms and balls

To me, punctuation looks like a bunch of worms and balls. There are some fun ones and some boring ones. If I use punctuation at all, I only use the ones I like.

My favorite is the semicolon. It has a fat worm on the bottom and a ball at the top. My mother said people don’t use it much anymore; but I do. I like the way it looks.

The question mark is also fun. It looks like a squiggly worm with a ball at the bottom instead of the top. I use it all the time, even if it’s not right.

My least favorite is the period. It’s just a single ball, which is too boring for me. If I need something to go at the end of a sentence, I use other types of punctuation instead. Like the question mark?

Or the ellipses. It has three balls in a row instead of just one. I use it when I’m not sure if a sentence is finished or not

The exclamation mark is also a good choice. A lot of people use it instead of a period. Sometimes they use two or three. I guess that makes sentences seem more important than they are!!!

Creative punctuation

I like to make up my own punctuation. I use it more that way. I also invent the rules. My mother calls it creative punctuation. I call it punctuation for dogs. It’s always optional.

It’s always optional.

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