I like to hide things

I Like to Hide Things

I like to hide things. Some things actually belong to me, like my old tennis balls and rawhide bones. But most do not, like my mother’s fuzzy socks and the kitchen towel.

So just for fun, I made up a few hiding games.

The ‘hide once’ game

This is a game I play most often. For example, the other day I was sniffing around my mother’s closet. It always has lots of smells and something good to hide. This time I took one of her old running shoes. Then I hid it under the couch. That’s one of my regular hiding places. My mother always looks there first.

I also took my dog brush and hid it in the laundry basket. I hate that thing.

The ‘hide again’ game

This is my favorite hiding game. I hide the same thing in different spots. Like one of the bones I bury in the backyard. I can usually find it again by sniffing around the backyard. Then I bury it again somewhere else. This can go on for a while. I never get bored.

The ‘NOT finished hiding’ game

Sometimes I get distracted in the middle of hiding something. One time I dragged a small branch in from the backyard. I started to hide it in my mother’s closet, but then I smelled dinner. End of that game.

Things I never like to hide

There are some things I never hide. For example, my keyboard, my food bowl, and a book called ‘Hiding Games for Dogs’ that my mother gave me. One game  is called ‘Missing Forever’. I don’t think I want to play that one. Neither would my mother.

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  1. Another great story. I feel like the Crafty Canine is right here speaking his story. More Mr. Peabody rather than Scooby Doo.

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